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” At my previous company, I had a bad experience with my manager. He asked me to do things outside my regular job description. When I finally said no, he laid me off without any specific reason and I received unfair severance package.
Luckily, I met Andrea Cook and asked her to help me. She diligently learned my case and took care of me through this stressful period. Had I never met her, I would have never known how to deal with this situation. Thanks again for everything Andrea. “

” I worked at a sushi restaurant for 15 years. My post was in receiving area. One day, my palms felt stiff and painful. I visited a doctor and the doctor told me that the problem was because of my job, which needed me to work in a low temperature room. As part of the recovery process, there were therapy sessions that I needed to take. But the company didn’t want to cover the cost.
My friend referred me to Andrea to handle my case. She was very helpful in guiding me through the legal process. And not only did her friendliness and compassion help us win the case, but it has also led to a friendship afterwards.

” I started a part-time job 3 years ago. Since then, I haven’t been given any raises was even paid below minimum wage last year. My boss knew I needed this job badly and wouldn’t do anything to hemp out.
So I brought this case to Andrea to ask for her legal opinion. She ended up representing me and some of my colleagues and did a fantastic job in resolving the issue.

” I have worked at a marketing agency for 5 years when I had an accident that made me unable to walk. In spite of this physical condition, I was still able to perform my daily responsibilities well. But 3 months after the accident, the company asked me to resign. I love my job. It was a way for me to forget the trauma while still being able to provide for my family.
I contacted Andrea to help me with my problem. After meeting with her a few times, I decided to take legal action. With Andrea representing me, we were able to get a fair compensation and get me my job back.

” I am Jewish and I use my paid time off for my religions holidays and celebrations since they aren’t government holidays. Based on company policy, I was supposed to be the next in line to get my promotion. But that was not the case. My supervisor told me that he had to postpone my promotion because I took too many days off, even though I was within my right to do so.
Being disappointed with this condition, I came to Andrea for some legal counsel. She gave me knowledgeable advice and her extensive legal background helped in defending my right. I would happily recommend her to my family and friends for any legal help in the future.

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