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Elder Law

Elders Have Rights

At the law office of Andrea Cook & Associates, we have a significant background protecting clients in elder law matters. If you fear a family member suffered elder abuse, we will advise and represent you.

Protecting Clients due to COVID-19 Nursing Home neglect

Our team here at Andrea Cook & Associates hopes that you and your family are healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.

As you may know, we are working remotely and doing all that we can to continue pushing your cases forward and continue to keep our lines of communication open. As always, please call us at any time should you need anything.

We are currently representing those who have lost a loved one due to neglect in nursing homes. Our hearts and prayers are with those of you who have lost loved ones to the Coronavirus, and we are here to help you hold those accountable for your loss. Contact us today to discuss your specific case and needs.

Protecting Clients From Elder Abuse

Often, senior citizens depend on caretakers to help them with their finances and daily needs. Caretakers have a broad spectrum of responsibilities and influence over individuals’ decisions. Relationships built on trust can be susceptible to betrayal.

If you suspect a caretaker took advantage of your loved one, we are ready to help. Andrea Cook & Associates has a deep background proving fault and holding caretakers accountable. Our firm devotes as many resources as necessary, working with investigators to trace hidden or stolen assets.

We are well-prepared to interview gardeners, painters, family members, and other individuals with access to the home, or exhibiting suspicious behavior. We are tough negotiators ready to help clients correct the abuse and penalize the abuser, as well as obtain as much compensation as possible to cover pain and suffering, stolen money, medical care, and any other damages.

Defending Clients Accused of Elder Abuse

We have a comprehensive legal practice, representing clients in all avenues of this complicated legal area; this provides us with an advantage in seeking the best defense possible since we know firsthand how the other side works.

Typically, abuse allegations occur when family members are inattentive and lose track of their family assets. Andrea Cook & Associates is well-prepared to work with forensic investigators to determine if other individuals had access to family finances. We vigorously defend clients raising the concern that other family members could have lost or stolen the money.

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We have a deep background in protecting clients from age discrimination and nursing home abuse. Contact us to schedule a convenient appointment.

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