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Protecting Client Rights

Since 1994

Our dedication and determination contribute to our law firm’s successful history.

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Extensive Legal Background For Over 30 years

Since 1994, the attorneys at our firm have been dedicated to preserving clients’ rights in and out of court, whether involving employment law, civil rights, or criminal defense.

Our firm has extensive experience spanning more than 30 years in helping individuals preserve their First Amendment rights. We strive to assist clients in understanding the legal aspects related to First Amendment issues in a language that everyone can understand.

Human Trafficking

Andrea Cook & Associates has experience and understands the arcane world of labor law and its intersection between individual rights and those rights that are collectively bargained. Andrea Cook & Associates has represented employees in claims that many clients initially assumed would be limited to grievance and arbitration procedures.

Labor Law

We want our clients and their families to recover full and fair compensation for their injuries and any resulting disabilities. We offer a sophisticated approach to recoveries, including analysis by a lawyer who has years of experience as a practicing pharmacist.

Personal Injury

For more than 30 years, we have vigorously protected clients’ rights during layoffs. We are devoted to helping employees maximize the value of severance agreements to help them get through difficult times in their careers. Companies are getting aggressive in drafting separation agreements, compelling employees to waive certain rights upon either voluntarily leaving or being discharged. We are ready to aggressively protect you.

Severance Agreements

Firm Overview

Aggressive. Creative. Experienced Lawyers in Long Beach, California

At the offices of Andrea Cook & Associates, our clients are as varied as the types of claims we confidently handle in both state and federal court: longshore workers, C.E.O.s, entertainment executives, scientists, police personnel, firefighters, corporate vice presidents, garment workers, school teachers, retail sales personnel, aerospace workers, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, postal workers, municipal management personnel, veterinarians, auto workers, union members, and entrepreneurs. Our lawyers and staff are proud of achieving favorable outcomes for our clients.

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