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Firm Overview

At the offices of Andrea Cook & Associates, our clients are as varied as the types of claims we confidently handle in both state and federal court: longshore workers, C.E.O.s, entertainment executives, scientists, police personnel, firefighters, corporate vice presidents, garment workers, school teachers, retail sales personnel, aerospace workers, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, postal workers, municipal management personnel, veterinarians, auto workers, union members, and entrepreneurs. Our lawyers and staff are proud of achieving favorable outcomes for our clients.

Andrea Cook & Associates has successfully concluded thousands of matters for both plaintiffs and defendants in all manner of legal representation, including employment and civil rights disputes, medication error, administrative proceedings, and trial work in state and federal courts. Of particular note are successful cases of first impression representing plaintiffs in civil rights matters including student on teacher harassment, wrongful termination of a municipal/probationary employee, and sexual orientation issues.

Aggressive. Creative. Experienced.

These qualities have been the foundation of our law firm since 1994. We have successfully represented thousands of clients in disputes against public entities, including city, state, and federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

At Andrea Cook & Associates, we have a long history representing clients in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and Santa Barbara Counties as well as the Inland Empire and throughout Northern California. We are well-prepared to represent groups or individual plaintiffs and take pride in providing a hands-on personal approach.

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What Makes Us Unique?

The attorneys at Andrea Cook & Associates have many years of combined experience and share a common objective to provide sophisticated and knowledgeable legal advice and counsel, offering a highly personalized approach to meet each client’s needs. The breadth and depth of our law firm’s practice have prepared us to take on the most complex cases. We fight to win but are knowledgeable and insightful negotiators who will work tirelessly to reach mutually beneficial resolutions short of litigation.

We do not shy away from taking on cases that may seem unconventional. These types of cases allow us to make use of our extensive investigative skills and a thorough understanding of the law to uphold the rights of our clients.

Contact Us When Experience is Critical

We employ a team approach, including experienced and skilled lawyers, paralegals, investigators, and highly qualified support staff. We devote as many resources as necessary for each case. Contact us today and learn how we can help you.




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