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Criminal Defense

Workplace Criminal Conduct and Criminal Defense

Long Beach, California, Criminal Defense Attorneys

Aggressively Representing Clients Accused of Criminal Misconduct

We are an aggressive criminal defense law firm. For more than 20 years, we have protected clients’ rights. Often, allegations of criminal conduct are associated with a violation of someone’s civil rights.

At the law office of Andrea Cook & Associates, we provide clients with compassionate yet aggressive representation. We understand that few things are more frightening than being arrested. We are well-prepared to protect your future by providing the best defense available.

Whether you were fired from work for making serious threats, or charged with other criminal conduct, you need an experienced criminal defense team. Contact us today. We are ready to protect your legal rights.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers
Our longevity is due in part to taking on cases other law firms shy away from. Hundreds of clients have walked through our office facing serious civil law claims. After carefully reviewing the details of their claims, the attorneys at our law firm have discovered that the clients may face criminal charges for these same acts.

Most civil law attorneys’ reaction would be to refer the client to another lawyer. But we are well-prepared to take on challenging criminal defense cases. Before starting the law office of Andrea Cook & Associates, attorney Andrea Cook worked in the District Attorney’s office. She works closely with lawyer Michael Berger, who is a certified criminal law specialist. As a legal team, they carefully review charges against clients, scrutinizing the arrest and evidence obtained. We fight to have charges dismissed or reduced if possible.

Protecting Clients Accused of Criminal Conduct
We provide clients with a proactive, aggressive approach. Attorney Cook is a tough negotiator with an in-depth background working with law enforcement to have criminal charges dropped or dismissed. She also has deep legal roots in employment law and provides effective counsel to help professionals keep their license when facing serious criminal charges.

Her deep background in civil law extends to aggressively defending caretakers accused of stealing someone’s assets. We understand that civil and criminal law often overlap. We are well-prepared to protect clients’ legal rights in both areas of the law.

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